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Are you searching for a job? This is the question you must ask before leaving the job interview

People who are looking for a new job make a huge mistake during interviews: most of them forget to interview the company that’s interviewing them. 

According to Adam Grant, author of “Originals”,  people need to get the clear picture of the company for which they will work.

“One of the mistakes that a lot of job applicants make is that they forget to interview the company. As much as the job matters, the culture of the organization you’re joining is every bit as consequential. One of the best questions you can ask is: <<Can you tell me a story about something that happens here, but wouldn’t elsewhere?>> When you ask people to describe the culture you get this generic statements, like <<This is a place where people respect each other, and everyone has freedom to innovate>>. That’s not helpful.”, Adam Grant said in an interview for Time.

“What you want to hear is a real narrative about an unusual of that. So you ask people to tell the story about something that stands out, that distinguish the culture, an anecdote. They will start launching the story, and if you ask a few people, you can start to figure out if they are consistent in the team, and you can start to compare if the organization is the one where you’ll be treated fairly and you’ll have a voice”, he added.

Madeline Gorthon

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