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Unites States President Donald Trump’s mission to prevent immigrants into the country goes to the Supreme Court…

There appears to be controversy in the air in Washington. Neal Katyal, a lawyer working against Donald Trump in this case, states that the Head of State “seeks to impose a sweeping change to the immigration system, imposing a ban on the entry of 150 million aliens – the vast majority of them Muslim”. Despite not yet being 18 months into his term of presidency, Trump has been taken to court over his proposed changes of law (it took George W. Bush and Barack Obama at least 4 years comparatively, which could serve as an indication o Trump’s bombastic reign thus far). For travellers and tourists alike, it has been an inconvenience for those that hail from Muslim-prevalent countries, who may be turned away at the first instance regardless of their background and intentions for entry into the US.


Countries currently affected by travel bans include Iran, Syria and Libya. The number will rise if Trump achieves his goal, meaning more law abiding citizens will seldom, if ever, get he opportunity to visit the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Furthermore, concerns arising from Trump’s desired impositions are that it has a direct violation to the Constitution’s ban on an “establishment of religion.” Mr Katyal adds that (with the travel ban) “evidence is overwhelming that was issued for the unconstitutional purpose of excluding Muslims from the US.” The belief from Trump’s camp is that this is not a matter of religion, instead a push to red flag citizen’s of terror affected countries. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s travel laws escalate to be as controversial as either Bush’s war on terror or indeed Obamacare.


Callum Lawrence

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