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Inmates Sneak Back Into Jail After Escaping


Four Mississippi inmates escape jail, commit burglary, then sneak themselves back into jail.

A group of criminals broke out of jail, broke into and stole several different items from a nearby bargain store — and then snuck back into the jail before returning to their cells as if they had never left.


The inmates were identified as Travis Baker, Levontaye Ellington, Jacquiez Williams, and Maurice Robertson broke out of the Holmes-Humphreys. The group escaped County Correctional Facility in Lexington, Mississippi on Tuesday by jumping a fence, reported Mississippi News Now.


After escaping and making sure the coast was clear, they walked less to a Dollar General store less than a mile away. The men arrived at the store after closing, stealing anything they could get their hands on.


“They stole cigarettes, cigarette lighters, phones and items they felt they could sell in jail,” Lexington Police Chief Robert Kirklin said in the report.

Instead of heading for the hills, the four escaped burglars did the unthinkable and snuck back into the jail, undetected


“You’re already in jail, but you want to break out and break back in?” the chief said. “That is just something. I heard it all.”


Of course, the four men denied their involvement in the scheme, even though store surveillance footage told a different story, according to the report.


“Just looking at the type of clothing they had on and just one of the bags they had put some of the merchandise in,” police were able to pin the inmates to the crime, Kirklin said. He also stated all four were charged with commercial burglary

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