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Hurricane Harvey may have broken records, but our newest hurricane Irma might actually shatter them


Hurricane season is upon us…. And it’s not looking good.

Sure, it’s hurricane season, but there’s something odd about this one and the statistics. Our newest named storm Hurricane Irma might be telling in that, having strengthened to a category 2 on the 30th of August, bearing down over the Atlantic Ocean at a rush of 100 MPH winds. That’s without even hitting land, yet. Here’s the clincher, though:

The National Hurricane Center states that Irma will grow to a category 4 by the time it reaches the Caribbean — and it just might head straight for the United States

We still have a good 10 to 122 days until we know for sure, but all the reports are in: this will be a big one. Potentially bigger than even Hurricane Katrina several years ago as it ripped through New Orleans.


The fact is that this hurricane season, as devastating as Harvey has been at least from a flooding standpoint, and with the coming onslaught of Irma, stands out even more simply because of this:

Hurricane Irma is now the ninth named storm of the year, and the National Hurricane Center forecasts that this season will see possibly more than 14 storms TOTAL

Up to 19 storms, actually. And anyone might think that’s relatively normal. But here’s the average Atlantic hurricane season according to the NOAA — June 1, to November 30, only 12 storms, with six becoming hurricanes, and three of them considered major threats.

We’re now seeing two hurricanes. And we’re not even in September.

Be prepared to take cover.