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Special counsel appointed in Russian probe


Under mounting pressure, a special counsel has been appointed in the Russian Probe.

Though there has been much dodging and weaving attempting to avoid this step, the firing of James Comey last week as well as the fall out from that decision have finely spurred the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Russian influence on the general election, as well as any ties they might have to Trump.

Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein (Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself due to his own close ties to the case as well as his misstep during his congressional vetting) appointed Robert Mueller to be a special counsel. Rosenstein stressed the appointment did not mean he believed that crimes had been committed, only that circumstances required Mueller’s appointment.

The White House has essentially been under siege all week. Comey’s firing drew initial ire which has only grown. A recently revealed memo suggested Trump may have asked Comey to stop the investigation into his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who resigned after it was revealed he had misled Mike Pence about a meeting Flynn had with the Russian Ambassador. As well as making ties to Russia more probable, this could be considered an obstruction of justice. Congressman Al Green called for Trump’s impeachment on the house floor today.


Christopher Maher

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