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Brexit campaign group insults Macron after presidential victory

The pro-Brexit pressure group Leave.EU, set up by Nigel Farage before referendum, tweeted that French people had “rolled over” like they did in 1940, after the centrist newcomer defeated far-right Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s presidential election runoff.

The Twitter account of Leave.EU posted that the French people had once again “rolled over” just as they had done in 1940 – except this time they saved Germany “the bullets and the fuel”.


The tweet included a picture of a newspaper headline from 1940 reporting the surrender of France to the Nazis, The Guardian reports.

On the same theme, Farage tweeted: “A giant deceit has been voted for today. Macron will be Juncker’s puppet.”

The former Ukip leader was predicting that Le Pen would come back stronger in five years and finally win the presidency thanks to a resistance over Macron’s pro-globalisation and pro-EU policies.

During the last debate Le Pen had told Macron that whatever happened in the election, a woman would be running France – either her, or the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Other Brexiters mocked Macron’s relationship with his wife Brigitte.

Katie Hopkins tweeted a picture of the pair and said: “Macron’s wife has promised him a special new toy from the shops tomorrow for being such a clever little boy.”


Claire Reynolds