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Britain on alert. Storm surge flood threat to coast areas

Severe flood warnings are in place along the eastern coast of England. Homes and properties are at risk from a three-meter storm surge.

The Environment Agency has issued 13 severe flood warnings- for the lunchtime high tide at 12:30 GMT and Friday night.

People have been urged to leave their homes, including in Jaywick, Essex, where an evacuation is under way.

The Environment Agency’s severe flood warnings – its highest possible alert – are in place for coastal areas of Essex and Suffolk.

Storm Surge Threat UK
Photo: The Environment Agency UK

In Scotland, up to seven inches of snow fell overnight in parts of the Highlands, causing disruption on the roads.

The A93 has been closed south of Braemar, while speed restrictions are in place due to high winds on the Forth Road Bridge and the Skye Bridge.

What is a storm surge?

A storm surge is an abnormal rise of sea water generated by a storm. The tides are pushed over the coast by the increasingly high winds and the water ends up pilling on the shore like in a cauldron. Sometimes, there’s an overspill of waves that results in flooding.

Alexa Stewart