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Join us on Evolance, the new international community of freelance journalists

EvoNews is excited to announce the launch of EvoLance – our new editorial project aimed to develop a dynamic, fast growing international community of freelance journalists.

EvoLance is mainly dedicated to reporters, writers and independent bloggers. We also want to reach people that maybe lack experience, but have a passion for writing and want to get involved in a freelancing project or are strongly interested in starting a career in journalism and becoming a contributor for EvoNews.

All the stories and features are published directly on EvoNews and posted on our homepage, but also in every article page, giving EvoLance users the opportunity to promote them on an international news website that provides good visibility, as EvoNews reached, only last month, an audience of almost 2 million unique browsers.

Our main goals when developing EvoLance were flexibility and accessibility. This is why, if you register to EvoLance, you will be able to follow your passion for writing and have the ideal working hours. Becoming part of our international community of freelance journalists can also be a great way of making extra money if you already have a job as you can actually earn more by publishing your articles using EvoLance than you would at a typical writing job.

Send your article on any topic you feel inspired by, from anywhere in the world, anytime. Our editors will be there to approve, publish and promote it in the shortest time possible to ensure maximum visibility.

How does EvoLance work?

Create an account and start writing. Post your article, make sure it becomes highly visible by sharing it via social media and start earning money on a shared revenue basis. All EvoLance users will earn a 50% share of the advertising revenue received for posting ads on the article page. The more traffic your stories attract, the more money you will make.

The best part is that each one of your articles will keep bringing in earnings indefinitely. All you have to do is to make sure that you remain an active EvoLance contributor by publishing at least five articles every month, and we’ll make sure you keep getting paid for your work for as long as the articles are live on EvoNews.

You can check at any moment your balance and the number of views you got for each article from your account’s dashboard. This way you know in advance how much money you can get from future articles.

We’re here to help you make the most of your work. You will be able to promote your own articles and we are going to help you with content marketing advice, handy tutorials and professional assistance.

With EvoLance you create your own targets, goals and deadlines, and we’re here to support your work no matter what. Write on the subway, write from a beach in Ipanema, write at 4 o’clock in the morning: whenever creativity strikes, we’re here to get you published.

Amelia Deveraux

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