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Accusations against United won’t stop as former beauty queen speaks out: “I forever will be traumatized by what happened”


After recent reports of other incidents on United, especially the viral incident of doctor David Dao, who was violently dragged off an overbooked United flight, she decided to launch the allegations. “I forever will be traumatized by what happened” she told KHOU TV.


The incident, according to Montiel, took place when she and her then-husband and her daughter were on a red eye flight.The couple, who were going through a divorce, got into an altercation and the former beauty queen was hit by her spouse, as CBS reports.


“Instead of the flight attendant protecting me from the assault, he joined my assailant,” Montiel told KHOU. She was told by flight attendants to move seats. The woman says she was handcuffed with zip ties and forced to the back of the plane by two men who seemed to have over 300 pounds.


Montiel says that her incident has a lot in common with the recent video of United. “The reason people believe what happened to Dr. Dao is because they saw it on tape. Even with it being on tape, he was accused of being belligerent,” the woman said.


Montiel was exonerated by a jury in 2015 after she was charged with interfering with a flight attendant and she filed a civil lawsuit in 2016 seeking damages for defamation, mental anguish and malicious criminal charges.



John Michaelle

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