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Opinion: The need for political unity amidst both democrats and republicans


In an increasingly fragmented and divided nation, Democrats and Republicans must unite, or The United States of America will suffer.

The world has become more dangerous than ever before. Truth is now an anecdote, and people who have amassed vast sums of power at the expense of the American public can now lie with outright impunity. Scandal after scandal leaks from Donald Trump’s mouth, and the Russian connections are becoming harder and harder to deny. Trump’s budget cuts will include an over bloated military budget, at the expense of our children’s education, science, progressivism, medicine, environmental regulations and common sense. Millions of mentally ill or disabled Americans, will lose health care coverage or be forced to pay for premium packages out of pocket they cannot afford, due to Trump’s repeals of the Affordable Care Act, and the spearheading of the Environmental Protection Agency. When the Republicans refuse to call Trump out on his lies, they are staining the image of Conservative values based in any semblance of honesty. How can the conservatives claim to represent truth and Gods will, when both liberal and conservative politicians no longer care whatsoever for the needs of the impoverished, and the struggling working-to-middle-class Americans?



Democrats are also in a very rough and tumultuous political position. The party needs to realize that the dirt on Hilary Clinton would have ensured her loss regardless of circumstances and that running her for President again in 2020 is political suicide. If the Democrats refuse to wake up the fact that despite Trump ritualistically shooting himself in the foot during his campaign, still destroyed Hillary Clinton in a landslide victory, even with over 3 million popular votes for Clinton, then there is hope of the Democrats regaining strength. Not to mention the scandals that robbed Bernie Sanders of his chance to face Trump in the general election, a man who would have made college tuition free, and fight directly against wealthy corporations Trump seeks to line their pockets with dollars. At the expense of every other American citizen’s sacrifices just to scrape together a semblance of living at the dead-end minimum wage grind, that at best, pays some bills, and never all of them unless you can escape through higher education or an innate developed skill.


The Republicans and Democrats must craft a solution that is viable for all Americans, not just the Americans Donald Trump likes. Trump only views Americans as American, if they kiss his ass, and believe everything he does and says with zero empirical evidence to back up their assertions. This from a man who behaves like a petulant child on his unhinged and egregious Twitter account, a con who has defrauded thousands to make his fortune. Handed millions of dollars from his father instead of working or breaking his back for a living, a man who deserves little if any respect if he continues to act this way. Donald Trump will choose to view all Americans like those he serves, or he will become impeached, he will choose cooperation with all of America, or drown himself under the weight of his trail of lies. It’s that simple. If the Republicans have an issue with Trump, fear cannot trump humanity, or all becomes lost. But if the Republicans continue down the path they are on; humanity will forever bear the scars for centuries to come.


Simon Stravitz