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Mossad is making an investment fund in advanced technology

Mossad, one of the world’s most famous secret services, launches a investment fund in technology through which it offers grants of up to two million shekels, the equivalent of around $570,000, for every selected project.

Mossad is looking for new technologies in edge domains, such as miniaturization, robotics, encryption, as well as for new methods of collection information or perform undetectable operations.

The new fund is called Libertad and wishes to buy non-exclusive rights for using the respective technologies in exchange for financing. Their companies or producers will be able to keep them, develop and even sell them.


Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a short video on Twitter and wrote that ”Mossad will keep on being sophisticated, bold and innovative in its mission of maintaining the security of Israel”.

Libertad showed that ”anyone” can apply, which means that financing is open even to foreign companies.

Israel has over 450 cybersecurity companies. In 2016, 78 Israeli start ups gathered over 660 million Euros for financing.

Furthermore, the Israeli defense industry, dominated by groups such as Elbit, Israel Aerospace Industries, Israel Military Industries and Rafael, account for 14% of Israel’s exports.

The step Mossad took is not unique, however. Since 1999, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the external espionage agency of the USA, launched the IQT fund, a non-profit investment fund, which targets the acceleration and development of new technologies for the American security services.

Finally, DARPA – the advanced project agency of the US Department of Defense – has been financing for years top technologies. One of them has already revolutionized the world: it was the Internet.

Daniel Higgson