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iCEE.fest 2017. Tomasz Musial, general manager smar+ AD SERVER: Around 20% of the global Internet traffic is ”fake traffic”, generated by bots. Russia is the front-runner

Around 20% of the global general Internet traffic is ”fake traffic” generated by bots, automatic accounts or computers, said Tomasz Musial, general manager at smar+ AD SERVER, at iCEE.fest.

At the end of 2016, nearly all USA traffic coming from Russia was generated by bots, he added.

Here are his main statements:

  • programmatic ads are a technology through which the automatic selling of the commercial stock is made, with the help of a software similar to an “advertising stockmarket”

Programmatic is the idea of selling and buying commercials, being especially destined for publishers. This becomes automatic and helps publishers sell early the advertising space, no matter whether they sell the whole stock or only the one indirectly commercialized. It is like an “advertising stockmarket”, it works on demand and offer.

  • Companies do not want their commercials to be displayed on fake news websites. In the industry, the frauds mostly come from generating false traffic. At the end of 2016, most Internet traffic in the USA that came from Russia was generated by bots, in an automatic fashion. Journalists encounter fake news phenomenon, but we as industry handling the monetization of traffic face fake traffic. Around 20% of the global Internet traffic is fake traffic, generated by bots, automatic accounts or computers. Advertisers need “good traffic”, generated by a quality audience, whereas the media needs to sell its traffic.
  • Central and Eastern Europe are a few years behind the Western world. I am from Poland and when we introduced the technology two years ago in Poland, the main agents wanting to buy advertisements through the programmatic method were shoppers, as it was easier for them to buy the good stock. Publishers saw this as a threat because it would lower their direct sale or decrease prices.

Daniel Higgson