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iCEE.fest 2017. Paula Monteiro, Marketing Director at Wikitude: How will augmented reality influence our world. Plus: Apple to launch augmented reality device

Augmented reality will be much more popular among users than virtual reality because it helps us interact in our daily lives and works on any smartphone, according to Paula Monteiro, Marketing Director at Wikitude, a software provider regarding augmented reality (AR) at iCEE.fest.

She added that all signs are there to show that Apple will launch an augmented reality device in autumn, either the iPhone 8 or another specialized gadget.

Here are the main statements:

  • the differences between virtual reality and augmented reality: with the first one, you would always need a headset, whether for augmented reality you overlap digital objects in the real world. Wikitude is a company that produces augmented reality software, and its products are used by other companies in order to make augmented reality apps
  • augmented reality is just another ”door” for communication between users. Apple has recently launched an augmented reality kit, a tool that would help millions have AR products. We don’t know yet whether the iPhone 8 will be a smartphone dedicated to augmented reality, but all the signs point to this
  • examples of using augmented reality: users are planning to buy furniture and want to see how the sofa looks. They can use their phone or tablet and see how the sofa would look or can choose other types, colour, position. It is something that can help us make a purchase.

It can also help us experiment various things. For example,there are ”penguins” that lead visitors through a museum or games such as Pokemon Go.

  • augmented reality will be much more popular among users than the virtual one, because it encloses the world, users wear a headset and no longer interact with their environment. Augmented reality will be helping us on a daily basis to interact with the world, and it works on any smartphone, all that it needs being a good software.

Daniel Higgson