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The world of advertising – Shifting from print to digital and beyond


In the world of advertising, people employ various methods in order to get their products noticed. In the past, there have been print advertisements in which people would create an image, and print it on paper. As time changed, however, so did the nature of advertising.

The development of new forms of technology revolutionised the advertising world because of the nature of methods that people could use to advertise their products. In today’s modern world, there are now numerous ways in which people could advertise in order to make themselves known. For example, people could create digital advertisements, and post them on the Internet. They could also advertise on the radio and television. As these new methods came about, the methods that were used in the past slowly became obsolete. Because of the seminal effects of technology, magazines would not be the most appropriate selection for the advertisement because of the simple fact that paper advertisements are a relic of the past.

During earlier times in history, advertising on newspapers and magazines actually would have been the appropriate way to make general audiences know about a specific product. That is partly because of the invention of the printing presses. The printing presses made advertising on paper so much easier because the presses allowed millions of copies to be made at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, the use of black-and-white printing made it easy for people to advertise on ordinary paper. As history went on, colour advertisements became reasonable even though they can still be considerably pricey. All of these advancements in technology allowed advertising on paper to become easier. Therefore, magazines could have helped in the past.


The progress that society made in terms of technology actually created problems for the print magazine. The invention of the Internet launched the world into the Information Age that came about during the late twentieth century. As the Internet became more sophisticated, people began to rely on the digital world rather than read on actual paper. Because of that, magazine subscriptions declined since the same information found on paper magazines could also be found online, more or less. Because of how society advanced in terms of technology, many people began to embrace such a change instead of using methods that their parents or grandparents might have used in the past. Therefore, the influence of change can affect both today’s current generation and how the world operated in earlier periods of human history.Fortunately, though, print is still a major part

Fortunately, though, print is still a major part of today’s culture. Bookstores still exist, but they are just not as popular as they used to be. For example, bookstores, like Borders, closed down because of a lack of business. Even with that struggle, books are still a major part of the modern world because of the knowledge that print books can provide. Similarly, some people still subscribe to print magazines in order to read articles that they might enjoy. In fact, magazines still exist in waiting rooms as patients wait to see doctors, and people still buy magazines off of magazine racks and at supermarkets that sell them. Because of the old-fashioned quality of print magazines, it is still possible for advertisers to use magazines as a way to make their products known. It would just be more difficult in today’s society simply because many people within the current generation embrace the digital age that people live in today.

If magazines could help with people knowing about a specific advertisement, the advertiser has to be careful about the nature of the advertisement itself. In order to make itself known, an advertisement has to be visually stunning. Features that include bright colours and an easy-to-read format allow general audiences to have the opportunity to enjoy the advertisement without having the feeling that they are being forced by large companies to know about a specific product. Additionally, the advertisement in a magazine needs to be accessible to audiences, which means that the audience must be fully aware of what the advertiser is trying to sell. That is because it is very easy for people to misunderstand an advertisement.

For example, some foreign-language learners might not speak English fluently, meaning that they might not understand an advertisement that is written in English. Because of that, the number of words in a magazine advertisement must be relatively low so that people do not feel like they are reading an entire book. Not only that, but the advertisement also needs to convey the message of the advertiser in a way so that people would not misinterpret what the advertiser is trying to advertise. Other factors, like a catchy slogan and a pretty picture, can grab the attention of general readers so that they would feel more inclined to purchase a product found in a magazine. There are many factors involved with the creation of a magazine advertisement, and it might not be the appropriate medium in order to advertise a product. Nevertheless, as long as people use print magazines, the usage of magazine advertisements can still make products known in a world filled with competition and digital technology.

Alex Phuong