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China connects world’s largest floating solar farm to the grid. Steps up efforts to become leader in green energy

The world’s largest floating solar farm has been connected to the grid, in China. The project is situated in the flooded coal-mining region of Huainan.

China has long been criticised for its high pollution levels and not stepping up its efforts to promote clean energy. But all that seems to have changed with the country being poised to take over the lead when it comes to green technology.

Chinese photovoltaic inverter manufacturer Sungrow just announced that a 40 MW aquaculture project, the world’s largest floating solar power plant, had been connected to the grid. Situated in the coal-mining region of Huainan, the farm overshadows other similar projects in Australia and India.


According to the company, the farm has been built on a lake, with a water depth of four to ten meters, that formed in the coal-rich area as a result of gradual subsidence and floods caused by heavy rains. And Sungrow has customised its products so that the floating solar power plants could operate smoothly in high humidity and salt-sprayed environments.

“Introducing cutting-edge technologies to products is what we are always committed to. We continue to offer better products and solutions to customers all over the world,” said Renxian Cao, president of Sungrow.

The project also allows scientists to better understand floating photovoltaic farms and how they can be built to generate the maximum amount of energy especially as placing solar panels on the water can increase their efficiency as the cooler air at the surface helps to minimise the risk of the panels overheating and subsequently decrease their performance.

Chinese companies like Sungrow are working together with international partners to promote and expand the currently available green technologies and China has announced ambitious plans in order to become the world leader in renewable energy.

In parallel, the country is also working hard to boost its electric car sector and put more vehicles on the roads.

Sylvia Jacob