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Abandoned highway turned into a “plant village” in the sky

An abandoned highway in Seoul was turned into a 983-meter-long elevated Skygarden, reports.

The “plant village” in the sky is located high above traffic and hosts 24,000 species of indigenous shrubs and trees.

The project was made by Dutch architecture firm MVRDV, which envisioned a space that would add more greenery to the city and make the area more friendly for pedestrians.

Abandoned highway turned into a plant village in the sky

The park contains, besides a garden walkway, tea houses, a theater, restaurants, shops and galleries.

The plant families in this Skygarden are grouped according to the Korean alphabet, thus the Skygarden has different groupings of fragrance and colour. Blue light illuminates the plants at night, since it is healthier for them.

Abandoned highway turned into a plant village in the sky

“Our design offers a living dictionary of plants which are part of the natural heritage of South Korea and now, existing in the city center. The idea here is to connect city dwellers with nature, while at the same time also offering the opportunity of experiencing these amazing views to the Historical Seoul Station and Namdaemun Gate,” said Winy Maas of MVRDV.

Lydia Peirce