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“Thor” volcano in Iceland can generate 10 times the energy of oil or gas wells

Iceland is taking things to the next level by drilling almost 3 miles into a live volcano to tap liquid hot magma, according to Inhabitat. The well is probably the hottest one on the planet, its magma reaching temperatures of 800°F (426 °C).

The hole was completed at the beginning of this year, in January and energy production has already started. If proven successful, the clean energy source will generate ten times the more energy than traditional oil or gas wells.

The project’s name, Thor, comes from the Norse god. The well will tap into “supercritical” fluid (something that is neither gas nor liquid) in order to produce clean, renewable energy. It uses the fluid to generate steam, which causes turbines to move generating power.


Volcano power is quite impressive. Iceland’s capitol, Reykjavik, need 30 – 35 conventional wells to be supplied with power. However, it would only take 3 – 5 wells if Thor rises up to the expectations.

Daisy Wilder