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China World Trade Center Phase 3C, one of the most innovative civic centers in the world

China’s capital will soon have one of the world’s most innovative civic centers. Following a project made by architecture firm Aedas, the construction of the so-called China World Trade Center Phase 3C will being this August.

China World Trade Center is a huge project and Phase 3C is its last phase, serving both as an anchor and entry gate for the whole complex, which include two of the tallest buildings in Beijing. Phase 3C was designed by architect Andrew Bromberg from Aedas and will have to be finished until 2020, according to

China World Trade Center Phase 3C, one of the most innovative civic centres in the world

According to the images posted on the official website of the architecture firm, the building has an unusual shape that allows the construction of large exterior terraces. Looking like a ribbon that wraps itself around the main area, the terraces rise towards the two skyscrapers of the complex, while on the opposite façade they go downwards towards the street.

China World Trade Center Phase 3C

The unusual shape of the building is not the only element of novelty, but the fact that it will host an Olympic-sized skating rink as well. According to the cited source, the building will also include an underground parking lot, an amphitheater, an art studio, areas for exhibitions, a wall for climbing, a pool and an organic farm.

China World Trade Center Phase 3C

The central piece of the building will be at the top level, which will feature a slope with artificial snow that can be used for ski and sledging, according to

The building was designed to be energetically efficient, with the large windows allowing natural light to illuminate the wide spaces without increasing electricity consumption.

Lacey Blair