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The innovative eco-friendly machine that can help salubrity in remote areas

A Taiwanese company came up with an ingenious solution for solving the issues regarding the salubrity of remote areas. TRASHPRESSO, manufactured by Miniwiz, is the world’s first mobile recycling unit that uses solar energy to turn garbage into slabs.

Remote regions have an increasingly pressing issue when it comes to salubrity. The idea for Trashpresso, the world’s first mobile recycling unit, thus came into existence. It uses solar energy to recycle garbage and turn it into slabs, according to

The mobile recycling unit is actually a platform-container 12 meters longs that can be towed and transported and, according to, citing Miniwiz, it can recycle both plastic and textiles using only solar energy. The waste is washed, cut, molten and poured into molds, so that it becomes slabs which can be used in both interior and exterior architecture.

loading... also shows that CEO and founder of Miniwiz, Arthur Huang, feels that the innovation also demonstrates that recycling can take place anywhere in the world, with the unit also helping with the education of remote communities.

In its first journey, Trashpresso will go to NianBao Yuze, in Tibet, and from there it will travel to other remote areas that are suffocated by piles of waste.

Lacey Blair