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Self-driving cars may double as security cameras


The future of automotive transport may also become the future of security.

Intel Corporation CEO Brian Krzanich has predicted that the benefits of self-driving cars, in addition to lowered fatalities on the road, will be increased security measures (McGee, 1). Self-driving vehicles will become able to scan license plates to determine the owner, should a self-driving vehicle become stolen, then use a built-in security camera to report the car to local authorities, allowing the vehicle to implicate the stolen owner itself.

Self-driving cars will also dramatically reduce the impact of drunk and intoxicated drivers on the roads, decreasing traffic fatalities should the market eventually become affordable to mainstream consumers. This reduction in traffic necroses would become anticipated due to people being able to have their vehicles drive them home, instead of them attempting to drive a motor vehicle while impaired. Imagine if two people get into a potentially fatal car accident, and the self-driving vehicle drives you to the hospital to treat your injuries. Or you realize your car is not running correctly, and the self-driving vehicles drives you to the auto mechanic to replace parts, using online notifications to alert the driver when crucial parts need to get repaired or replaced.


The possibilities for this technology are endless. Imagine military tanks run by robots with no human soldiers lost on the battlefield, running covert or elite task force operations while decreasing the loss of human life! Automation is an inevitability for the human race, and the job market will have to keep up the pace to outstrip demand or become foreign markets. As our technology improves, more and more jobs will be accomplishable by machine, making having an education more valuable for kickstarting a career than ever before.

We cannot undervalue our children’s education or their future, solely to focus on spreading out minimum wage jobs. The Minimum wage needs to become raised to get students out of debt, and better able to afford technology such as self-driving vehicles. When you make an innovative product affordable to the masses, the masses will spend more money on said product, as the law of supply and demand dictates.

Simon Stravitz