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First commercial carbon-sucking plant in the world goes live in Zurich

The first commercial carbon-sucking plant in the world has just gone live in Zurich, reports.

The world’s first Direct Air Capture (DAC) sits atop a waste recovery facility in Zurich, Switzerland, and consists of three shipping containers that sit in a stack, totaling six carbon collectors.

The fans absorb the ambient air into the collectors, while a filter takes in the carbon dioxide. The captured carbon dioxide is then sent to a greenhouse via an underground pipeline, where it can be used by the plants inside.


Not only that, the carbon dioxide can also be used for carbonated drinks of turning into hydrocarbon fuel, which is environmentally friendly.

“Highly scalable negative emission technologies are crucial if we are to stay below the two-degree target of the international community,” managing director and co-founder Christoph Gebald said.

The ultimate goal of the project is to capture one percent of all carbon emissions in the world by 2025, for which 750,000 shipping containers are estimated to be needed.

Lydia Peirce