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Bali enterprise develops dissolvable bioplastic bags – VIDEO

Avani, a Bali-based social enterprise has developed dissolvable bioplastic bags, Inhabitat reports.

Plastic waste is becoming an increasingly alarming issue, so Avani thought of a way to reduce the impact on the environment. The bags are made from cassava root and dissolve in hot water, breaking down in the process into carbon dioxide and water and not leaving behind any toxic residue. The company claims the bags are also compostable and, when dissolved, safe enough for consumers to drink.

The dissolving takes planes almost instantly in hot water, they soften in cold water and naturally turn into biomass, water and carbon dioxide within months, with the potential of biodegrading even in landfills (aided by various macro and micro-organisms).

Avani is not at the first environmentally-friendly product. They also produce packaging products (such as coffee cups) using renewable natural resources and claim that their entire process of producing the items is completely sustainable.

The dissolvable bags are cheaper that the already existing compostable ones in the market, with a portion of the proceeds going to local non-profit environmental projects.



Lydia Peirce