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Ambitious project: $1bn for creating cancer-detecting test

A company in San Francisco wants to raise $1bn for creating a blood test capable of detecting cancer.


Grail, a start-up in biotechnology, will spin out from the parent company Illumina, which is presently producing the equipment used by scientists to sequence DNA in various studies.

10,000 have already been included in a clinical trial, yet things are just beginning.

”Every case of cancer is unique. It is a snowflake. Being able to [find it] with medical and statistical rigor drives clinical studies of unprecedented scale.”, Jeff Huber, former Google executive and current Grail employee explained.


Several investors already showed interest in this ambitious project. Raising $1bn will be a true victory, Forbes writes, considering that biotechnology companies usually have limited funds.

Grail was started up as part of Illumina, at the end of 2015. ARCH Venture Partners, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates were some of the original investors.

Diane Stinsow