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Dallas and Dubai, first cities to have flying taxis by 2020, thanks to Uber

Uber is taking the next step in urban mobility. The company has its eyes set on aviation and wants its customers to be picked up by flaying vehicles, with the push of a button.

The company announced a partnership with Pipstrel in order to develop electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicles that should start the first flight tests as early as 2020. Dallas and Dubai are the first cities that will witness the Uber flying taxis.

Uber Elevation was presented as a concept back in 2016 and according to the company, the program will allow for the development of on-demand aviation. The VTOL vehicles will offer not only a speeder commute but also will decrease heavy urban traffic and the pressure put on the traditional infrastructure like roads, highways, bridges and tunnels.


Whit recent technological advancements, VTOLs could make air transportation affordable and will allow Uber to set up its own network in several cities, offering both transportation  and delivery logistics services.

Uber flying taxis

Pipistrel, the company that Uber partnered up with, will be in charge of  developing and aircraft suitable for short distance urban operations.

“I am proud and excited that Uber recognized our values, expertise and leadership in electric flight. This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards entirely new ways we travel, not only saving time but also being friendly to the environment”, said Ivo Boscarol, Pipistrel group CEO, in a press release. 

Uber, on the other hand, will participate in the development of airspace control software and hardware for the management of Pilot VTOLs on the Elevate Network, and provide interface connectivity with airspace controllers and regulators.

The partnership is set to begin testing as early as 2020 and Dubai and Dallas will be the first cities where the flying taxis will be seen buzzing through the skies.

And according to Flying Magazine, the cost of flying taxi ride will be set at $1.32 per mile for each passenger, the same rate currently paid for regular rides.

Sylvia Jacob