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Developers flocking to Culham to test driveless cars

If driveless cars are the future than Culham is the place to be if you want to see them perform. The state of the art robotics technology centre here has drawn developers with new major investments being announced set to consolidate Cluham’s reputation as a test site.

The future is driverless, at least that is what developers of autonomous cars are hoping to achieve. Culham has build itself a reputation of being the best test site for driveless cars and now, the Science Centre here has announced new investments. These projects will play a key role in putting the first driverless cars on public roads in the coming years.

The DRIVE consortium, together with RACE  received funding towards developing and operating a fleet of vehicles to operate on public roads, with complete autonomy, within the next two and half years. The project will culminate with these vehicles travelling autonomously from London to Oxford, with safety drivers on board as a precaution, as a public demonstration of the viability of this technology.


Cluham provides the ideal testing area for these types of vehicles as it allows them to prove their abilities in real-life conditions, under different weather and taking roundabouts, bicyclers and people into account.

“DRIVEN is important because it will answer questions around cyber security and insurance as well as the underlying technology. RACE has a key supporting role: enabling testing on the Culham Science Centre site before we venture on the public roads”, said RACE Director Rob Buckingham.”Starting in Oxfordshire we are already thinking about how autonomous vehicles fit within a modern transport plans for both Oxford and Didcot Garden Town. DRIVEN is a very important step on this journey.”

Sylvia Jacob