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The three types of mothers that are most likely to raise a criminal

There are three distinctive mother types that might be more likely to raise a murderer, according to a criminology doctor at Birmingham City University.

Dr Elizabeth Yardley examined 10 murder cases in the US series “Murderers and their Mothers” in order to demystify the psyche of killers by analyzing their maternal relations. “The mothers of the Fred West, Robert Black, Joachim Knychala, Leszek Pekalski and Richard Kuklinksi created environments where brutality was everyday and expected,” she wrote. “They actively abused or neglected their children, creating deviant value systems in which the abnormal became normal.”

According to the Independent, the three types of mothers Yardley managed to find are: anti-mothers, uber-mothers and passive-mothers.


They are usually victims of abuse themselves, who never got to know what a happy and healthy home life means. While most abused mothers are likely to raise normal families, hoping to take back the control they lacked back when they were children, some of them will recreate their childhood experiences by turning themselves into aggressors.


They come from traditional and stable families. These mothers are extremely protective of their kids and are determined that they will not be restricted by labels that might have held them back in the past. “They are the gatekeepers that hold off the outside world,” Yardley noted, “protecting their child from scrutiny as their behaviour becomes increasingly deviant.”


They live in fear of being judged by society. Their personalities are quiet and subdued, which is why when their children show any moral deficiencies in a certain context, they will respond to that by denial, hoping that any potential issues will go away if brushed under the carpet.

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