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Snapchat is celebrating its sixth birthday with a new feature called “Sky Filters”


As Snapchat is celebrating its sixth birthday as a phenomenal app this week, the social media just offered a great gift to its users and launched a new feature that allows its users to paint the sky in their snaps.


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Snapchat, happy birthday to you! In celebration of its app turning six-years-old this week, Snap Inc. announced the launch of a new feature called Sky Filters, that give you the opportunity to use even more augmented reality on Snapchat by repainting the sky in your pictures and videos with totally different atmospheric looks.


As the company itself explains, these new filters “recognise and paint the sky in your photo Snap. When the sky is recognised in your photo Snap new Sky Filters will appear automatically in the Filter carousel inviting you to repaint the sky with a starry night, stormy clouds, a beautiful sunset, rainbows and more”.


That news comes just days after the app already increased the presence of augmented reality, thanks to animated 3D Bitmoji that interact with their environment. Also, earlier this year, Worls Lenses were launched to add other virtual objects and effects to the world around you. In total, in the last nine months, Snapchat has launched over 25 new features to “expand the way our community creates, discovers and communicates with the people that matter to them most”, reports the social media.


Just like the crazy lenses that allow you to turn into a licking dog, to vomit rainbows or to wear a crown of flowers, Sky Filters will rotate daily and are already available to Snapchatters on iOS and Android. So it is time to try them !

Celine Pastezeur

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