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Please No More LawBreakers CliffyB


American video game designer Cliff Bleszinski former design director at Epic Games launched his new game “LawBreakers”. The game is now unfortunately standing at a couple dozen players online, globally.

Popularly known as CliffyB, came out of retirement and has been working on the development of LawBreakers since 2014 under the code name BlueStreak. The game released worldwide on August 8, 2017 to a reasonable amount of fanfare. The game stands at a very high and positive review score on Steam.


The game was to be free initially but was sold at $30. $60 is the price point of major games releases and is considered the price point of “Triple A” games. $60 stands as an unofficial marker for games that are a must buy and the best of the best. CliffyB has referred to the $60 price point as “bullshit”.


In numerous interviews CliffyB has discussed the future of the game and what went wrong. His autopsy of LawBreakers is very optimistic. Facing the morbid state of the game with a player base of less than 100 at any given time, CliffyB has somehow drawn up a roadmap and seems convinced the game still has a future.


CliffyB has made a few notable remarks during the aftermath of LawBreakers release. He stated that the game will be a slow burner and take time to develop a player base and he pointed at Warframe as an example. He also referred to his negative attitude as being a “dick” and is now set to adjust to a more humble demeanour.


LawBreakers fate remains in doubt as his evaluation of the failure of the game seems very limited. The loose plan ahead seems wafer thin and lacking in real substance. CliffyB has mentioned an additional character and a new additional map which is very disappointing to say the least. The most worrying undertone of what he has said is that the game is somehow going to follow a path into eSports.


There are a number of faults that can be attributed to the disastrous launch of LawBreakers. The real failure of the game seems to be the game design. With no single-player mode the game lacks any character and suffers the same problems as Overwatch. CliffyB has failed to see the amount of short videos and animations that Blizzard is using to fill the void. CliffyB has mentioned that single-player campaigns can take up two-thirds of a budget but has done nothing to replace the value that such a mode introduces.


LawBreakers comes across as an incredibly generic shooter with poor game and character design. The game misses key design points that make a good game and has no soul. Even as a possible free to play game in the future, there doesn’t appear to be anything unique or exciting that could attract a player base. Without a major restyling and thought put into making the game stand out compared to all the current and future competition it faces, the game appears to be doomed.

A Rokib

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