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Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti Specs


Nvidia may release a graphics card placed directly between the upper GTX 1080 and lower 1070.

With a Ti version of a 1050 and 1080, it makes less sense not to make a Ti version for the 1070. The latest rumour suggests a highly desirable price point being met for the price savvy consumer. The rumours also suggest that the new card could come as early as Halloween.


This is unfortunate news for AMD as their most compelling card the “Vega 56” was sitting just under the 1080 and it appears as though Nvidia have reacted and have decided to launch the 1070 Ti to fill this gap instead. With shortages of AMD Vega 56 cards, Nvidia could snap away the only highlight of Vega 10 series cards. The delay of third party cards of Vega 56 may mean the regular consumer buys this alternative from Nvidia.


The rumours so far include a facebook post by Gigabyte and a source that spoke to a journalist on The rumours suggest a slightly cut down version of the 1080 with less features such as GDDR5X memory or maybe fewer CUDA Cores. Anything that reduces the cost of the 1080 and makes it slightly higher value than the 1070 will give Nvidia a market segment that makes a lot of sense just like all the other Ti cards in the 10 series of graphics cards.


The MSRP, manufacturer’s suggested retail price, is also being guessed to be approximately 10% less than a 1080 at $480. Being able to fill the $200 void between a 1080 and a 1070 makes a lot of sense for enthusiast that want added features and slightly higher specs, without have to spend more than they need to. Getting consumers to spend an additional $100 is easier than an additional $200 for an upgrade.

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