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Eve Online Heist and Betrayal


A space based alliance known as CO2 (Circle of Two) has just been betrayed by one of its own.

Eve Online is a space based game that relies on players forming alliances and factions to gain control of the universe. Players spend real money to purchase in game space ships and build space stations for housing them. The stations also house resources and acts as a safe port for players that log off or transfer from one ship to another, essentially a home base for a clan of players. The game also has an RPG (role playing game) element where players act out roles and have access to various parts of the station and resources. Alliances or groups of players go into battle and can take control of regions of space but they can also lose them. Lost ships and stations leads to loosing real world money as destroyed items are lost forever.


A long term member of CO2 known as The Judge with over five years with the team decided to betray CO2. The Judge held significant roles within CO2 and was also seen as a point of arbitration. The Judge was officially recognised as a diplomat for CO2. The incident centres on an unconfirmed dispute between The Judge and the head of CO2, GigX.


The event that took place involved The Judge taking control of various stations held by CO2 and giving access codes over to rivals of CO2 and thus betraying his team. The main benefactor of this betrayal appears to be a group called Goonswarm.


The betrayal didn’t end with handing over control of space stations. The Judge went onto steal all the in game money that CO2 had. The Judge transferred most of the funds held by CO2 to his own personal account. CO2 once recognised as a major player in the universe, now struggling to defend its own bases. This betrayal led to countless CO2 ships being destroyed and players unable to rebuild with limited funds.


The head of CO2 found out about the betrayal late night and was unable to regain immediate control and decided to take action by asking other members of CO2 to disrupt The Judge’s internet connection to stop him from making other changes.


Eve Online is essentially a space empire game that is built on trust and expanding control to as many regions as possible. Fights in the game can cost hundreds of thousands in destroyed ships and space bases. It is also a game that unfortunately bleeds into the real world. This comes in the form of highly dangerous and potentially illegal practises. This story didn’t have a happy ending as CO2 members have been locked out for several days and their head, GigX, banned form the game for making threats against The judge to cause personal harm to him. With the head of CO2 out of action and limited funds it seems that CO2 may lose all of its territory in space and all of its players homeless. But don’t fear, subterfuge is a common practise and displaced players will have the opportunity to join another team and betray them or maybe just move on!

A Rokib

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