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Just one or two degrees is enough to drastically change the Antarctic ecosystem, new science says


And that says a lot about how all life may respond if this whole global warming thing continues….

Some scientists may not see a lot of held water in the concept of global warming, but just in case it seems like the Earth may end up getting hotter than it used to be thousands of years ago, know this: if it does happen, we now have some evidence that it may drastically change lifeforms in ways we never could’ve imagined.

A study was done in the Antarctic Ocean, labeled as the “Most Realistic Ocean Warming Experiment,” and the findings were remarkable

Just one degree Celsius was enough for scientists to see remarkable changes on just one marine assemblage. How remarkable were the changes? Growth rate nearly doubled.


Specifically, after heating with settlement panels on an experimental seabed and just one degree down in temperature, one pioneer species of bryozoan (Fenestrulina rugula) started sprouting astronomically. Another species of marine biology known as the Romanchella perrieri, a marine worm, not only grew in numbers, but in size. About 70% larger.

This didn’t mean, however, that many organisms experienced massive growth, which would mean we’d experience crazy natural creature feature disasters (big spiders, giant sharks etc). After considerable research it was determined that the results were more like a shift than growth. Some organisms grew and multiplied; others, not so much. In fact, some decreased and depleted.

More importantly, the more research is done with this method, the better

We can potentially determine whether or not global warming not only is a reality, but something we need to avoid even more. Not just for the sake of humanity, but for all life on Earth.