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The Commodore 64 Is Coming Back…. Only SMALLER


In this day and age of plug-and-play mini consoles, it was only a matter of time before a company was going to pull this one off!

Everyone thinks Nintendo pioneered video games. Which, for the most part, is true. They pioneered console video games. But before there was Nintendo and even Atari, there was a little known system that really didn’t focus on the television. Instead, arguably, this was a system solely working on a…computer??

An ACTUAL Computer Called the “Commodore 64” — the World’s First “Gaming Computer”!


And believe it or not, it sold really well back in the day. A lot of the games were actually quite addicting. The news of this sparked me big time given the fact that I grew up on this little console, so when I heard a little UK-based company by the name of Retro Games was going to re-release a mini version of the iconic computer system, I flipped.


After all, if Nintendo and even Sega could do it, why not this?


Be extremely excited for a lot of reasons other than the fact that this simple plug-and-play comes with 64 of the system’s most iconic games (get it? 64.), but what it offers is unprecedented: this new mini-console even allows the expert developer to create brand-new Commodore 64 games never before created thanks to an ability to plug in a USB keyboard and create new code in BASIC.


You can literally create your own games. Right on this system.


Expect this system to roll out as early as 2018 for a simple 70 bucks. You can place it right next to your SNES mini as well.


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