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TBH, the new phenomenal app that turns anonymity positive


Could TBH the app that will replace Snapchat as being the new phenomenal app to Millennials? It could be, considering the app, that bills itself as “the only anonymous app with positive vibes”, has been installed more than 700,000 times as of September despite only being in nine states.

Forget about Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, we may have just found the new app that will drive Millennials crazy! Its name? TBH, for To Be Honest. In early August, the app was released on the iTunes App store. As Fortune reports, TBH is a “teen-focused anonymous social app similar to previous ephemeral hits like Yik Yak, Secret, and, most recently, Sarahah. But it takes a big twist on the formula that might make it more durable”. The secret of this new app, that bills itself as “the only anonymous app with positive vibes”, is to bet everything on positivity! Love only, hate does not belong anywhere on the platform.


But how does it work exactly ? It is quite simple, to be honest. Instead of allowing free-form snark as other apps focusing on anonymity tend to do, TBH offers a series of polls where its users can vote on which of their friends (out of 4) is the most concerned by the topic mentioned. All the questions we can find on the platform, such as “who does always know what to say”, “who is hotter than the sun”, “who should DJ every party” or “who does make you laugh the hardest”, are chosen to allow users to offer compliments to people they care about. And users can even create their own questions, with an intern team validating it. Because, remember, everything has to remain positive on the app! While not always 100% positive, the polls are never mean-spirited or cruel.


When they answer questions, users are rewarded with game-like points. On this side, experts consider that “the rise of tbh could reduce parents’ worries about cyberbullying, though it doesn’t address a deeper problem: Its gamified structure still feeds the distraction and sense of disconnection that are causing epidemic levels of depression and isolation among today’s smartphone-addicted teens”.


The app, developed by a little-known California team called Midnight Labs, is currently only available in nine U.S. states. But considering it is becoming quite a big hit on Internet, we can easily imagine that TBH will invade much many states and countries in the next weeks! More precisely, app analyst firm Sensor Tower estimates TBH has been installed more than 700,000 times as of September, and app analyst firm Apptopia estimates TBH has 46,000 daily active users. New phenomenon is officially coming!

Celine Pastezeur

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