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OPINION: Two Reasons Why There’s a War Against Climate Change We Don’t Even See Out Our Front Door


We’re sort of blind to it, actually. Even activists don’t see the REAL battle out there. Here, though, you’ll see it. It’s right under your nose.

Climate change is real. Let’s just get that out of the way. The science and statistics prove that. What we want to be clear, though, is that climate change is actually normal. It doesn’t mean there’s necessarily a problem. The problem is how the change, the global warming — all the natural disasters — might actually affect us. In a sense….




Without Us in the Picture, the Earth Would Be Just Fine!


Sustainability is one of the planet’s most prized possessions, capable of overcoming any imbalance, shift, or change in the environment. After all, think back to what happened to the dinosaurs! The cataclysmic event could’ve easily ended the entire Earth. Did it? Hardly. The planet bounced back, renewed, focused on a new age. The environment changed, and in some ways, for the better.



The ones who lose in this battle for climate change are us. And other lifeforms. The Earth will go on, which is why this isn’t about trying to save our Earth, but ourselves — and without us even knowing it, there’s a battle going on right now grounded in real science. And it’s a lot more interesting than you might think.




For Starters, You Wouldn’t Believe It, But Our Earth Is Actually Losing More and More Oxygen


You heard correctly (don’t panic, though). But over a very long period of time, our oxygen levels in the atmosphere have actually depleted. The reasons are obvious:


  • Climate Change
  • Pollution
  • Global Warming


But believe it or not, it’s not as bad as you might think. In fact, a couple of the causes are just a result of natural means. Sort of Earth’s way of shifting itself to adjust in the balance. Again, though — the ones who are the most affected by this? Us.


Want to know just how much oxygen we’ve lost based on the data and findings? You can find out right here in this critical article documenting the science behind the discovery. It’ll open your eyes….



Even More Shocking Is That There Actually Are Measures Taken to ‘Right’ the Earth on the Track We Want It to Be On


Again, it’s important to know that the problem isn’t what’s happening to the Earth, it’s how what’s happening to the Earth is affecting us. After all, a flooded NYC or a massive volcano in the middle of the United States, or even an utterly disastrous drought in the Midwest, can do us in pretty good — but the land will still be around. Some lifeforms will be around to pick at the remains of the next age.


This is about balancing the Earth to suit our survival. The natural order of things doesn’t necessarily follow our lead. We either have to succumb to it — or take control of it. And a little something called geoengineering has been on the rise to accomplish what the smallest things, like recycling or minimizing emissions of greenhouse gases, really can’t do much of.



Want to know what geoengineering is? This article explains it succinctly, and really the science behind it is mind-blowing. It rounds out a story that proves there’s a war going on. And the war isn’t about eliminating greenhouse gases, or trying to stop pollution. It’s about fighting nature. And keeping our Earth the way it needs to be — just for us.



The Truth Is This Is the Way It Would Be for Just About Any Situation, on Any Planet, Any Solar System or Galaxy


Evolution. Nature. The passing of time. Inevitably, things will change, and we have to adjust. But sometimes the adjustment just might shift us into a state where we’re no longer at the top of the food chain. Someday soon we won’t even be a link in it.


So this is what we’re facing — climate change is real. It’s not bad. It’s not harming our Earth. But it is harming US. And we don’t even realize it…. But some of the best scientific minds out there have been working on not simply stopping it, but regulating it. Controlling it. And getting us one step closer to making our Earth the perfect planet it should be.