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How to travel the world with no money

If you play it right, you might find that travelling is not only for the rich, according to the Independent.

Here are some tips to travel the world with no money:

Work overseas

Whether you work at a bar or you manage to find a house-sitting job in which you get to stay in someone’s house in exchange to keeping it clean, you will find that working overseas will make travelling less expensive.

Fly for free

If you sign up for a few travel credit cards and collect miles, you will soon find yourself flying for free. Looking out for deals, like 2-for-1 miles, also helps.

Learn to share

You may try couchsurfing, as there are lots of services that connect locals who want to meet travellers who want free accommodation. You can also try sleeping in large dorms if you want to save money.

Live cheaply

Try to cook in your accommodation. This way, you will save money and get to discover new ingredients and recipes.

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