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How to overcome plane turbulence using a pen

Even the most laid back flyers might get extremely tense and anxious when a wave of turbulence hits the plane.

Being stuck with turbulence in a pressurised can flying at 30,000 feet above Earth can be extremely nerve-wracking and not much can be done to calm your fears. Repeating affirmations over and over to yourself and ingesting a tranquiliser rarely help.

Although turbulence is rarely a cause of real concern, a calming technique might come in handy, as Mirror UK reports. A method tested on The Today Show on NBC News examined how the brain can be distracted from any perceived danger in a turbulence simulator at a facility that was built for nervous fliers.

Captain Ron Nielsen helped with the experiment and he had a precious piece of advice. The 40-year-old pilot instructed a volunteer with a severe fear of flying to take a pen in the opposite hand to which she usually writes with and write her name again and again. The method acts as a distraction from the turbulence, as well as a disruption to your thought process.

There are many other techniques that can help you get over your fear of turbulence. The Telegraph posted in June a list with nine simple ways to cope with turbulence. Some of them included: clenching your buttocks, sucking on a straw to avoid hyperventilating and avoiding alcohol and fizzy drinks.

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