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Eurostar promises direct link from London to Amsterdam. And it takes less than four hours

Londoners can start planning their quick getaways to Amsterdam. Eurostar is preparing to introduce direct trains between the U.K capital and Holland’s main city, and the trip will take less than four hours.

Eurostar is getting ready to introduce direct trains between London and Amsterdam by the end of this year, according to the Evening Standard.

The company will offer two rides a day, with the journey from St Pancras International to Amsterdam city centre taking just under four hours. Accounting for the time zone, it will take less than five hours to reach Holland’s main city while the ride home will take under three hours.


According to the same source, more than three million passengers a year travel by air between London and Amsterdam, so the new train ride could give air carriers a run for their money especially if the new route will become operational before the Christmas markets season.

And Amsterdam is not the only destination that Londoners can take into consideration when going by train. Eurostar is also putting the finishing touches on its London-Rotterdam direct route.

With it’s World Heritage canals, famous museums and cobbled streets, Amsterdam is Europe’s eight most popular city. A recent evaluation of the city’s tourism policy shows that the number of tourists will grow by 5 percent each year, culminating in 23 million visitors in 2025.

The new direct train could also mean that tourists staying in London could actually spare a day and hop over to Amsterdam, for a short visit to the medieval city center, enjoy some stroopwafel or stamppot, washed down with some kopstoot.

Sylvia Jacob