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Turkey’s biggest leisure and entertainment park looks spectacular – VIDEO

The Land of Legends, considered the largest the biggest leisure and entertainment park in Turkey, which opened last summer in Belek, Antalya, is Turkey’s first hotel specially designed for children.

The mega theme park, which is spread over 639,000 sqm, was developed as a joint venture between Rixos Hotels, Dubai-based Emaar and Dragone Productions, with more than $1bn investment.

The Land of Legends includes not only a theme park but also a wildlife park, a water park with over 70 water slides, a splash cinema and water coaster, a five-star hotel, a shopping boulevard, a viewing terrace, a family entertainment centre and river tours.

The five-star hotel, called the Kingdom, was especially designed for kids, because, according to Eyup Kaplan, Group Public Relations Manager at Rixos Hotels, they are very important, given that “they are tomorrow’s customers”.

Besides venturing on slides, in the pools or at the 5D cinema, visitors can see penguins and a Bengali tiger, but also they can enjoy everyday white whales, walrus and dolphins show from the stadium inside the complex.

Among the activities available to guests, extra of charge, are included interacting with dolphins, by kissing, hugging, dancing or swimming with them, snorkelling or underwater safari, for those who want to see closer a part of the diverse living creatures of the sea, including tropical fish, sharks or stingrays.

The entrance fee is $40 per person a day, and free for children aged under 3. The Kingdom’s guests, who choose to stay in The Land of Legends’ hotel, don’t have to pay the entrance ticket, but only for the activities which are not included in the entrance fee.

Accommodation for guests is provided in 401 rooms, with prices starting in this period of the year from 179 euros per night, for a room suitable for two adults and two children, with half board breakfast-dinner included.

“The project is not only for this hotel, every person who is staying around Belek, around Antalya, can come and spend their time in the park or in the shopping avenue. We can host 10,000 to 15,000 people during the day here, within the park, the shopping avenue, around the channel,” said Pinar Pehlivan, Marketing & PR Manager The Land of Legends Theme Park.

According to her, since July 1st, when The Land of Legends was opened, the park had from 3,500 up to 6,000 visitors a day, while the new shopping avenue will bring another approximately 5,000 visitors per day, and for the whole complex the company is expecting for the next year an average of 10,000 to 15,000 people a day. The visitors are mostly Turkish, followed by Russians, Ukrainians, and people from Arab countries.

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