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Today’s kids have more holiday fun than ever, now that modern families take more foreign trips

Schools won the final decision on the issue of parents being able to take their children on holiday during term time.

A father from Isle of Wight who refused to pay a penalty required after he took his daughter to Disney World in Florida was told by the Supreme Court that he was in the wrong, according to Daily Mail.

Families say that they have to pay a large premium when taking their children away in the school holidays in comparison to parents who take them away during holiday times. Despite this, a new survey of family holidays shows that children nowadays enjoy twice as many foreign trips as their parents did back in the day. Travel to destinations outside Europe has increased since 1997 by 70%. A fifth of parents prefer to take their children on a travelling spree rather than simply going on holiday.

Modern parents take their child away on an average of two holidays a year, with one of them being overseas. Back when these parents were children, they were lucky if they were even taken abroad. Twenty years ago, 82% of foreign travel was to Europe. Since then, travel to non-European destinations has increased by 70%.

Meanwhile, package holidays abroad continue to be popular for those travelling with children. As independent travel increases, more and more parents try to offer their kids “a more authentic experience”.

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