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The amazing forbidden waterslide in Hawaii

The waterslide is located inside Waipo Valley, in the Hamakua District of the Big Island of Hawaii, according to Daily Star.

The 10-metre, extremely steep waterslide used to be an old irrigation flume designed to transport sugar cane over a century ago. However, now it is part of a 40-kilometre-long irrigation system, which pumps water from the island into the conduit.

This waterslide in Hawaii is forbidden
Man trying to pull himself up with a rope (Photo: YouTube)

There is one problem though – it is illegal. Even though is is government property and restricted to the public, people still get to enjoy it. The daredevils can access it via a trail named the White Road Hike.

The hike takes around 2 hours to complete. On the way, a bunch of “no trespassing signs” are welcoming the risk-takers.In order to get to the top of the slide, you need to use an old, slimy thin rope to pull yourself up.

This waterslide in Hawaii is forbidden
The White Road Hike that leads to the water slide (Photo: YouTube)

Hawaiian state officials have called the slide a “reckless type of experience” and are trying to discourage tourists from finding the trail. Those who attempt to find the slide might be faced with a serious fine.

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