These are the world’s worst 5 airports – VIDEO

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After evaluating over 65,000 airport reviews left by its customers in 2016, travel website eDreams named the worst airports in the world. Among the top five are an airport in the UK and two from US.


eDreams decided to release this week a list of the best and the worst airports. According to The Independent, for the list were taken into account the global quality, waiting areas, shops and restaurants before rating the airports.

“After analysing all the comments that were submitted it was also possible to generate the ranking about the worst airports in the world,” eDreams wrote on its website.

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Here are the worst five of them:

Brussels South Charleroi airport (CRL), Belgium — 3.40/5

One of the world's worst airport is Brussels Charleroi Airport
Source: Charleroi Airport

New York J. F. Kennedy airport (JFK), US — 3.40/5

New York LaGuardia airport (LGA), US — 3.30/5

London Luton airport (LTN), UK — 3.25/5

One of the worst airporst in the world is London Luton Airport
Source: London Luton Airport

Berlin Schönefeld airport (SXF), Germany — 3.17/5

On the other hand, airports in cities like Helsinki, Glasgow, and Zurich scored highly.