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Eurostat: what transport means are preferred by Europeans when they go on vacation

Most Europeans would rather travel by car when going on vacations, according to a recent report published by Eurostat.

58% of the travels that Europeans had in 2015 were short, spending maximum of three nights.

The number of long vacations exceeded the one of short vacations only in four EU member states: Greece (69% vacations of at least four spent nights), Belgium (57%), Luxembourg (56%) and Malta (54%).


Three quarters of the total number of vacations were spent in the country of residency, according to Eurostat. This is especially visible in the case of Romania, Spain, Portugal, France and Greece, where over 85% of the travels were taken within the country.

On the other hand, most residents in Luxembourg, Belgium, Malta and Slovenia chose to spend their holidays abroad.

Eurostat: what transport means are preferred by Europeans when they go on vacation
Photo: Eurostat

Regarding the transport means prefered by Europeans when going on vacation, the front-runner turned out to be the personal or rented car. Nearly two thirds (65%) of the trips are taken like so.

The percentage is even higher in Slovenia (84%), Portugal (80%), Czech Republic (79%), Spain (77%), Bulgaria (75%), Hungary (74%) and France (74%).

Air transport, on the other hand, was used in only 16% of travels, train in 11% of them, buses – 6% and water transport – 2%.

Nevertheless, in certain EU countries, differences can be noticed, especially due to geographical location. Residents in Malta and Greece are frequent users of water transport (39% and 17% respectively), while the Romanians and Croatians travel by bus in at least 20% of their holidays.

On the other hand, when it comes strictly to travelling outside the borders, air transport is the most popular option, being preferred in 53% of trips.


Diane Stinsow