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Prices for food in Bali in 2017


Bali is an island in the Malaysian archipelago, part of Indonesia and washed by the Indian Ocean and the Bali Sea, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. It is an ideal place to relax all year. Despite the fact that Bali is part of Indonesia, the local cuisine differs significantly from the Indonesian, but it also uses a lot of seafood, chicken, and rice. Prices for Bali for food in 2017 differ and depend on the level of the institution and its location.

The analysis of prices in public catering establishments in Bali:

•        Having done a simple analysis, you can come to a simple conclusion that the prices for food differ, primarily from the prestige of the institution and its location. In Bali, you can eat cheap, and you can spend a considerable amount visiting a posh restaurant, and here, in addition to the local cuisine, are in high demand institutions that offer Indian Chinese and European cuisine.


•        The most budgetary variant of nutrition in Bali is the Warungs, which are located here everywhere. Most often these are small roadside cafes, but there are also quite large establishments. They are located, as a rule, in tourist places, and on beaches. The cheapest are those who are intended for the local population, but here the menu is not translated into English and the staff does not speak English. Lunch for two people in the cheapest institution will cost you about $ 3. For this money, you can taste traditional rice with meat. If you prefer vegetarian cuisine, you will be able to keep within 1-1.5 dollars.

•        Many tourists prefer a cafe with Indian and Chinese and other cuisines of the peoples of the world, where dinner costs 4-6 dollars. In respectable cafes, the staff can also offer you a real European dinner consisting of ham, coffee and fruit salad for $ 3. Cappuccino and Latte will cost here from 1.25 to 1.5 dollars, rolls will be served for 3.2 dollars, and classic dishes of Italian cuisine will cost from 3 to 5 dollars. You will not regret if you order seafood cooked on the grill. Their cost is 5.5 dollars.

•        In the event that you decide to have dinner at a restaurant located directly on the beach, you will have to pay much more. This applies to fish restaurants, where for about $ 8 you can eat tuna on a grill, about the same amount is a barracuda and a garopa. 7 dollars in these restaurants is a squid on a grill and crab on a grill, but the cost of it reaches $ 16.

Having become acquainted with the prices, it can be concluded that the prices in Bali for food, in general, are acceptable. The main thing, in this case, is to choose the institution correctly and compare your budget with the estimated costs. If you do not have large sums, then it’s better to eat in Warangas for local people, after learning a couple of names of dishes. If you want a real pleasure – visit one of the fish restaurants, and if you are not used to eating expensive – visit one of the local shops and supermarkets.

Saida Safikhanova