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Europe – Independent travel around the world


Passing through a cruel line of obstacles from wars and famines, Europe civilized faster than the rest of the world, and now here is the highest standard of living on the planet, caused not so much by oil reserves or high technology, but rather by an attitude toward life: active, accurate, thrifty and eco-friendly. Here they can buy a Mercedes, but they prefer to ride a bicycle. Here, the streets are washed with soap, and roads are built in order to travel through them, and not steal money during construction. I want to tell you briefly about some European countries.


Germany is a modern, dynamic country with a rich history, traditions, and culture! Germany gave the world such great and outstanding names as Bach, Beethoven, Goethe, Einstein. It is worth to come here to admire the view of the Alps and old German castles and temples, visit the beer lands of Bavaria and the Oktoberfest. In Germany, there are many beautiful places and attractions that are worth seeing, and every city in Germany is rich in its history and is unique in its beauty – Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover, Dusseldorf, each of them deserves attention!


2. Spain.

Spain is beautiful in all its cultural diversity. This is one of those countries, resting in which you can perfectly combine beach holidays with sightseeing. Spain is also a paradise for every shopaholic. To have time to visit the amazing places and sights of Spain, swim in the Mediterranean, buying famous Spanish brands, to taste a real Spanish paella – you need to go to Spain yourself!

3. Italy

Italy in the top of most visited countries and in the top of my favorites! Incredible, romantic and at the same time passionate and emotional Italy! From every corner of Italy, you can catch inspiration, every corner to admire! It will be interesting for connoisseurs of architecture and history, lovers of the sea and sun (for example, in Sicily and Sardinia), and fans of Italian cuisine.

4. Austria.

Austria is one of the richest countries in the world. True connoisseurs of music know that Austria is the birthplace of the great Wolfgang Mozart. I think everyone has heard about Vienna’s opera, architecture, and sights of Vienna. But more than that I love Austria for its perfect nature! Mountain slopes, unspoiled lakes, alpine meadows – the spirit captures when you see the beauty of Austria with your own eyes! Ski resorts in Austria are recognized as one of the best in the whole world!

5. Sweden


The Kingdom of Sweden is located in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden is a country of islands and picturesque bare rocks, and its capital is Stockholm, the real northern Venice: a dozen large and small islands connected by bridges are located within the city limits. The legendary northern edge is Lapland, partly owned by Sweden. The famous writer Astrid Lindgren said about this island: “A country in which light and laughing, gloomy and serious miraculously mixed up with each other, as in a fairy tale.”

Saida Safikhanova