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RSPB Fowlmere reserve


RSPB Fowlmere is 4 miles north of Royston in Hertfordshire, it is off the way, on a  quiet little road where you have to pull in to let other cars passed you. It’s free to get in and is very beautiful this time of year, very green and has good parking facilities too.

Fowlmere is basically a large area which you walk around with 3 different hides, one at each end and one around the back of the lake around a small island. When I go I go to the Springer Hide which is nearest one to the car park. The nature reserve is very pretty and has two lanes through the bull rushes, one to the left and one straight ahead of you, if your lucky you might see a water rail run across quickly or a family of moorhens.

On the day I am going to tell you about I was sitting alone when from the distance I saw an aquamarine flash coming towards me, it flew up and landed on a twig sticking out of the water directly in front of me, it was a Kingfisher, in the sunlight it was beautiful, it was quite a warm day so I think it just wanted to take a rest. It literally sat there for 10 minutes and I took loads of pictures of it, which I have included with the edit.


It then flew up into the trees to my left and sat on a branch with its mouth open, I believe this is how a Kingfisher cools down but it did not look cool. I could see its red feet which meant it was an adult Kingfisher, a young or juvenile kingfisher would have brown feet and be a little big smaller.

That was just one example of Fowlmere, the other time I went a few weeks ago, I could see an island halfway along the lane in the middle and something moving its head, so I put my zoom lense on it and it was a fox in the daytime, about 12.30ish. I think it was having a nap because it kept ducking down. A young Mallard kept passing directly underneath and was fortunate that it wasn’t hungry.

The volunteers at Fowlmere had recently created another lane to the right of the middle one and cut back the bullrushes so when the Fox came into view in the middle of that lane I was ready with my camera. It was a beautiful sight and once again I got some great pictures of it.

So, if you want a nice walk in the countryside and to see wildlife or birds at the weekend, go along to RSPB Fowlmere, it is really nice and worth a visit. Bring a picnic as they do have a picnic area.