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5 reasons to visit Moscow


Currently hosting the Confederations Cup, and home to some of the most beautiful medieval churches, Moscow is a city one never forgets when visiting. From skyscrapers, art galleries, to the hustle and bustle of the Russian capital, Moscow is a city one should visit in their life.

From ballet, to Russian architect, to galleries and vodka. Russia is a diverse city. The Russian capital is deemed to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Naturally being the capital of the largest country in the world, Moscow is sure to impress. Here are five reasons why Moscow should be your next destination.

1. Moscow’s Architect and Art

Leave your hotel or Airbnb and not too far, you’ll feel as if you time travelled back into Russian history as one feels it when walking through the streets of Moscow. Take a trip to the Kremlin and Red Square where one is sure to have their breath taken away with these magnificent views. Keeping up the with the Russian style, it is home to Saint Basil’s Cathedral, one of Moscow’s most iconic landmarks, as well as the Kremlin Palace, the official residence of the Russian president.


One can also take in views of the Moskva River. Tverskaya Street can give a Soviet Empire taste to tourists and can also be found in Moscow Central avenues. Now, when it comes to art in Moscow, look no further for a museum that will give a sense of the Russian culture. From the Moscow Museum of Modern Art to the State Tretyakov Gallery, all are bound to give you a unique experience with their collections and exhibitions as well.

2. City Parks

We know we know, we constantly brag about each cities parks, but each one has a unique vibrancy to them, and Moscow exceeds the expectations when it comes to parks. Becoming the “pride” of Moscow, and more “green” the parks of Moscow give peace and tranquillity. Never short of something to do one can ride a bike, play sports, go to a cafe or concert, or simply just take in the incredible views and just relax and walk. Fili Park, and Sokolniki Park are just of the many parks that are deemed to be an experience.

3. Nightlife

Like most cities, Russia has an amazing nightlife culture. Home to one of the most common alcoholic beverages, vodka, one can be sure to have a surreal experience when it comes to the nightlife in this vibrant capital. Diverse more than ever before, Moscow offers not only spectacular nightclubs and bars, but also distinctive ones. From amazing cocktails, to trendy bars, to intellectual bars where the hip hang out, Moscow gives away to some of the most fun nightlife cultures around.

4. Theater Traditions

If nightlife isn’t really your thing, and you’d much rather settle for a night out to the theatre then Moscow might as well become your second home. Theatres thrive in Moscow as plays and ballets are guaranteed to give a spectacular evening and experience. The Bolshoi Theater is among one of the most famous not just in Moscow or Russia, but the world. The theatre offers world famous opera and ballet performances guaranteed to have you on your feet at the end. Not in the mood for the old, then go for the new! New theatres such as the Praktika Theatre give contemporary performances with a modern vibe.

5. The Metro

You’re probably not going to see another metro or subway classier and pretty as this one. It’s no dirty and confusing New York City subway, nor is it as modern as the Tokyo metro but it is one of the most beautiful and largest in the world, not to mention convenient when getting around the city. With its dramatic sculptures, beautiful architecture, and detailed mosaics, it is sure to leave you with a lasting impression. Not only are they transportation systems but they’ve become tourist attractions with their unique stations.



Stephanie Valenzuela