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Lobster, Crab, Mussels and More – The Best Maine Seafood Spots to Hit This Summer


Most people know that Maine is famed for its seafood. Given that you can find great seafood all over the world though, those who have not tried it may not understand why the lobsters, crabs, mussels and other tasty treats that are fished in Maine waters are so special.

Part of the reason Maine seafood is so special can be attributed to the waters around it. The Gulf of Maine is very cold and very deep, perfect for literally keeping fish as fresh as possible. The fact that so many residents make their living from the waters helps too, as that ensures there is always a great supply of just caught fish and crustaceans on hand. Finally there is the skill of the local chefs, many of whom have been cooking Maine seafood for most of their lives.

No matter where you choose to go in Maine, from Bath to Bangor, Portland to Sanford and every place in between, you will find delicious fruits of the sea for you to savor. There are some dishes that are must-trys for any visitor to Maine though, and there are certain places that make them in a way that is like no other. Here are some of my picks:


Lobster – Whole Maine lobster is the ultimate and there are wonderful restaurants, cafes and even roadside seafood shacks that cook it up perfectly. Our personal favorite though is served at the The Captain’s Galley at Beal’s Lobster Pier. Literally located on the pier in Southwest Harbor, Maine, the simple looking eatery gives very little clue to the delights waiting inside.

If you order a lobster you will be directed to pick your own out of the tank (although a member of the wait staff will do it for you if you are squeamish) It is then boiled to order to perfection and served, fuss free with a choice of simple sides like chowder, corn on the cob and baked potato.

Crab Cakes – Crab cakes are a delicious indulgence, but there are many different ways to make them. If you are used to the kind of frozen crab cakes you can find in grocery stores, or even the kind served in popular casual restaurant chains, then the crab cakes at DiMillo’s on the Water in Portland, Maine will blow your mind – and your taste-buds.

The crabcakes are generously sized (to say the least) and made only from the finest, freshest Jonah Lump crab. There are not too many extra seasonings to spoil the wonderful flavor of the crab. And did I mention that the restaurant is housed on a floating dock?

Oysters and Mussels – Some people shy away from oysters and mussels because they fear that all they are are slippery, slimy things with very little taste. A visit to MC Perkins Cove will change all of that though.

This James Beard Award winning restaurant in Ogunquit offers an all-you-can eat Grand Shellfish “Tower”. This tower features the freshest crustaceans to be found anywhere, served up with red onion Tabasco sauce, preserved lime vinaigrette, and a special house blend cocktail sauce. If you head there, try their bacon and chervil drop biscuits as well (we actually recommend stuffing your pockets with them too, wrapped in a napkin of course!) as they are amazing.

Lobster Roll – Some people say that the lobster roll is Maine’s answer to the humble hot dog and yet we understand that there are some poor souls who have yet to ever try one. If that applies to you (or you have only ever tried a frozen one) then a trip to Five Islands Lobster in Georgetown is a must.


The lobster rolls served here are as simple as it gets, which is perfect. Fresh (really fresh) lobster, mixed with a little mayonnaise, served on a just grilled hot dog bun with a little butter. It’s simple, but it it is also seafood nirvana for the comfort food fan.

Melanie Evans