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No more roaming charges in the European Union starting today, but there’s a catch

Roaming charges are finally being wiped out, after the EU asked telecom companies to stop hitting people with such huge bills. Still, customers are being warned that they might have to pay more than they expect and that’s why they should continue to be cautious.

Starting June 15, the roaming charges will come to an end, meaning that Britons can take their normal contract, with all its free calls, texts and Internet data, in any other country in the EU, for no extra cost.

But there are still extra charges for some calls into Europe, and they are not quite clear yet.


The legislation only limits roaming charges specifically. That means that users will still have to pay the normal cost if they phone the country they’re in – calling an Italian number on a UK phone is charged the same as doing so from within Britain, for instance.

That might mean that people could think they’re not having to pay extra for ringing their hotel, for instance. But in fact they’ll be racking up international charges that could end up cost more than £1 per minute, as The Independent noted.

As this decision is the result of the EU legislation named “Roam At Home”, aiming to make coverage broadly the same across Europe, it is possible that people in the UK wouldn’t benefit from it after Brexit.

Claire Reynolds