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Take to the skies; make up beauty must haves for long haul flights


Travelling long haul can play havoc with the skin! Flying is known to dry skin through the filtered air during flying.

Here are the best quick fixes to prepare you during your flight and have you stepping off looking like an A-lister before you know it.

Holidays are a time of relaxing, exploring and having a well deserved trip. However long haul flights can cause havoc with the face. Most beauty stores have pre-made holiday kits, for those who aren’t a 100% on what to buy this is a recommended travel bag at a small cost of just $13.50!



Water really is the best skin secret out there. The more water you put in to your system the more hydrated and quenched it remains. It’s best to drink as much as you can during the flight- yes you might be frequently peeing. But this stops you from doing damage to the skin, it also prevents illnesses or colds.

2. Serum

Serum is the latest beauty product taking the world by storm. It’s easy to apply and soaks beautifully into the skin. Of course every thing comes travel size so is easily storable in your hand carry on! Boost Oxygen is the best to take for long haul.. it heals up the skin progress of re-hydrating.

3. Lip balm

Lip care is important there is nothing worse then having glowing skin only to see a chapped lip.. not a good look. Prep the lip with a lip scrub there a number of great ones available such as Jeffree Star which come in 6 flavors and are edible! A coat of lip balm after keeps them moisturized.

4.An eye mask


A cosy eye mask is a great way to get some shut eye, most airlines provide customers with a complimentary one. But if you wish to buy your own then drugstore shops do great cheap ones with padding to prevent creased lines! Amazon offer up their best selling black out darkness mask for just $8.

5. Sheet masks

Sheet mask are a gift to women, these are a different kind of face mask. The face mask is in the form of a sheet, just make sure face is free from make up and pop on your sheet! Yes you make look strange but your skin will thank you for the treat! Sheet masks are everywhere and easy to pick up. High street stores do great versions of them so there’s no need to spend a fortune on them! Sephora are known for there fantastic range of sheet masks, they even do lip masks!

Kirsty Bright