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Where to eat in Cambodia in 2017 and how much does it cost?


There are different fried insects, which sold on the street in a glass, like sunflower seeds.

 Where to eat in Cambodia in 2017 and how much does it cost?

If you decide to discover a new exotic and go on vacation to the former Kampuchea, you naturally want to know the prices of food in Cambodia. If in Europe and in other resort everything is clear, and the prices vary slightly, in Cambodia you may find that the price for the same product can differ significantly, even within the same city. The most expensive are the food in the first shoreline, but in remote villages, you can eat cheap.


What kind of food options can you find in Cambodia?

·        In view of the increasing level of development of the tourism industry in Cambodia, more and more people come here, so there are new modern hotels and restaurants offering a high level of service and quality of products. Meanwhile, lunch at an expensive restaurant, where you will be offered some local delicacies, you can for 10-15 dollars. There are restaurants offering European, Chinese and other cuisines and often account much higher.

·        There are different fried insects, which sold on the street in a glass, like sunflower seeds. There is such a “pleasure” 1 dollar. Speaking of street food, in addition to makashnits – the symbol of Asia, there are many small establishments where you can be deliciously fed. You will be offered rice with chicken and vegetables for 2-2.5 dollars also you have to try Amok – a dish of Khmer cuisine, which includes fish with onion and potatoes, cooked in coconut milk. On the street, the dish costs 1.5-2 dollars, you can find an institution where the cost of food starts from $ 1, but if you are concerned about health, visit a café where sanitation is given more attention.

·        In the cafe, the same Amok costs 3,5-4 dollars and here can offer you also Lok-Lak for

3-4 Euros (a local dish with fish and chicken), Asian soup Tom Yam for $ 4, and in more developed Vietnam such the same soup costs 2.5-3 dollars.

·        To understand until the end, how much food costs in Cambodia in 2017, you will have to go to the local markets or to the store. Prices here are also slightly higher than those of neighbours, but it is connected that everything except rice and some other products is produced in the country, and the rest of the products are imported.

Prices in the markets and in stores:


·        If you do not trust local cooks, you can buy food and cook yourself. A kilogramme of chicken, for example, costs 3 dollars, pork is more expensive and you can buy it for 4 dollars, and beef is three times expensive. 1 dollar costs a dozen eggs and a kilogramme of shrimp will cost 8 dollars.

·        But cheap vegetables and fruits are always to help tourists: watermelons and pineapples are from 50 cents per kilo, a kilogramme of bananas and pomelo can be bought for 1 dollars, mango and rambutans – for 1.5 dollars. Beer in Cambodia is cheap – the bottle is in the store 0.7-1 dollar.

Saida Safikhanova